Community Collaborations

At Peak Fitness, we believe in the power of partnerships to amplify our commitment to holistic well-being. Collaborating with like-minded organizations, we aim to provide our community with comprehensive support on their fitness journeys. From nutritional experts offering guidance to fitness influencers sharing motivational insights, our partnerships extend beyond the gym to enrich every aspect of a healthy lifestyle. We are proud to join forces with those who share our vision, fostering a network that inspires and empowers individuals to reach their peak potential. Together, we are not just a gym; we are a community dedicated to elevating the well-being of our members through meaningful collaborations and shared aspirations. Join us on this collective journey towards a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle.

The Menu Meal Prep

READY TO EAT MEALS, DELIVERED | The Menu Meal Prep is a locally women owned meal prep company that has been serving the Central Coast since 2017. The Menu provides healthy, fully-cooked meals made with fresh locally-sourced ingredients and more than a little love. Healthy menus change week to week, so there’s always something new and tasty to try. What you can consistently count on is balanced nutrition and craveable flavor combinations. They offer Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner and Snack options. Each of their meals are packaged as individual servings with Macros included. If you’re looking to make life a little easier for yourself or someone you love, The Menu Meal Prep is your next step!

Peak Fitness is proud to be The Menu’s first San Luis Obispo pick-up location! Every order selected for pick-up at Peak Fitness will receive FREE delivery. Non-gym members can pick-up meals between 9:30a-3:30p every Tuesday. Peak Fitness members can pick-up their meals anytime after 9:30a with their open gym access badge.


Raw and Delicious Cold Pressed Juice | Made in SLO


The easy way to consume your fruits and veggies. Each juice contains nearly 2 lbs. of produce to super charge your cells.

Why drink RAD juice?

Local Ingredients | RAD Juice uses local produce whenever possible. They have a relationship with many local farms in the area. Not only does this allow them to ensure the freshest produce possible, but also lowers their footprint!

Raw | Nothing is more powerful than fresh and raw cold pressed juice. RAD Juices are not pasteurize, processed or utilize HPP on their juices. Fresh is best!

No Bad Stuff | RAD Juices consist of only fruits and vegetables handcrafted by mother nature. No added sugar, no added flavors, no nonsense.

Located inside Peak Fitness, Alpha Massage and Bodywork specializes in clinical massage therapy to facilitate recovery and optimize athletic performance. With a deep understanding of the body and a passion for fitness, you can expect personalized treatments tailored to your needs, whether you’re a professional athlete or simply seeking to maintain an active, pain-free lifestyle. Experience the difference and unlock your full potential with Alpha Massage and Bodywork.

Meet Nathan: A dedicated strength coach and massage therapist with a passion for athletics and a commitment to serving others. After 7 years in the Air Force in Washington state, Nathan settled in San Luis Obispo County. His extensive background in activities like running, climbing, and strength training informs his approach to client care. Nathan holds CAMTC certification as a massage therapist and continually enhances his expertise in clinical and sports massage techniques. With a diverse skill set including deep tissue, sports massage, and more, Nathan maintains a NASM certification as a personal trainer, offering a holistic approach to his clients’ well-being. He is not just a practitioner but a partner in your journey toward strength, health, and athletic success.