Meet Marisela | Personal Trainer

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer | CPR/AED Certification | USA Football Youth Tackle Certification

Marisela is an unwavering proponent of fitness, channeling her fervor into her role as a personal trainer. Armed with a BS Degree in Biology, Marisela seamlessly integrates knowledge and experience from both progressive and traditional workout methodologies.

Her professional foundation extends to traditional Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training, a comprehensive performance and rehabilitative resource network, outdoor adventure exposure, and personal experiences of triumphs and challenges in her own fitness journey. Certified as a Personal Trainer and a dedicated mother of two, Marisela is a multi-faceted fitness professional.

Marisela specializes in cardio, strength, and high-intensity interval training, incorporating diverse techniques such as muscle confusion, endurance training, weight lifting, HIIT, and the traditional swim, bike, run regimen.

In the realm of personal training, Marisela has distinguished herself as an outgoing, empathetic, and innovative motivator. Her concept of a healthy lifestyle is rooted in fundamental discipline in exercise, offering guidance to others in adhering to long-term fitness goals while emphasizing the importance of on-going commitment.

Known for her ability to challenge muscle groups, overcome fitness plateaus, and foster personal health accountability, Marisela envisions creating a positive physical feedback loop in others. Her overarching goal is to inspire individuals to perform at their best, surpassing complacency and adopting a lifelong commitment to fortify themselves against life’s stressors. 

Through determination and sweat, Marisela guides individuals towards achieving a balanced fusion of strength and endurance on their perpetual quest for a healthier and more resilient life. Se habla español.

Meet Mandy | Personal Trainer

NASM Certified Personal Trainer | CPR/AED Certification | Group Trainer | Pre/Postnatal Certified

Mandy has been a fitness enthusiast for as long as she can remember. With a competitive heart (she’ll take on any challenge), desire to help others, and focus on holistic health & well being, Mandy truly feels that feeling physically strong and mentally strong go hand in hand. 

Having experienced years with a disordered relationship with food and exercise during college, Mandy is all about creating a positive relationship with fitness. She focuses on making workouts fun and enjoyable, while also focusing on strength and positive body image (not a number on a scale).  Don’t be fooled though, she will kick your butt if you’re there for it!

Along with being passionate about health & wellness, Mandy has three girls and has a career in finance. She truly believes life is about balance and loves to bring that mindset to all that she does! She truly cares for each client she works with and hopes to leave them with a positive, fun, and empowering experience.

Meet Jevon | Personal Trainer

NASM Certified Personal Trainer | CPR/AED Certification | Group Trainer | Kickboxing | Yoga

Jevon epitomizes a profound dedication to guiding individuals through transformative journeys in fitness and wellness. With over 8 years of industry experience and a prestigious NASM CPT certification, Jevon is a beacon of expertise and compassion.

As a skilled group fitness instructor, kickboxing trainer, and yoga teacher, Jevon approaches training with a holistic perspective, nurturing not just the body, but also the mind and spirit. His commitment to ongoing education ensures that he stays abreast of the latest techniques and trends, guaranteeing clients receive the most effective and innovative training experience.

Beyond his certifications, Jevon’s true gift lies in his ability to forge deep connections with his clients, empowering them to unlock their full potential. Whether in-person or online, Jevon’s personalized approach ensures that each client feels seen, supported, and motivated to achieve their goals.

With Jevon as your guide, you’re not just embarking on a fitness journey; you’re embracing a transformative experience that will elevate every aspect of your life.

Meet Greg | Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Personal Trainer | CPR/AED Certification | NASM Certified Stretching and Flexibility Coach | ISSA Certified Nutritionist

Greg’s greatest passion is self-improvement, which takes on a unique meaning for each of his clients. For some, self-improvement may mean they want to get stronger and faster to improve at a sport, stay active to keep up with their grandkids, or change their body composition to feel better in their own skin. For others, self-improvement may mean learning how to develop new habits to help them sleep better and lower their stress levels, learning to make better choices to prioritize their health, or learning to adjust their lifestyle to help shed excess body fat. 

Greg’s focus is providing you with the tools and game plan that you need to reach your unique version of “self-improvement.” Better health is not a destination, it is a journey. Greg is here to guide you on that journey, helping you make the adjustments you need along the way. Whether you are experienced in the gym, or this is your first time thinking about exercising, Greg will work with you to create a program that works toward your goals while also considering your unique lifestyle, abilities, and schedule.

Greg has been helping clients reach their health and fitness goals for over 8 years, including 3 years on the Central Coast. 

Greg discovered his passion for health and fitness while on his own fitness journey. In his own words:

“In 2013 I found myself overweight, unhappy, habitually fatigued, and uncomfortable in my own body. I decided that I needed to make a change and began diving into research, books, blogs, seminars, and more while looking for answers to improve my health. It took time, trial and error, and dedication, but I have reached a point where I am happy, healthy, functional, and strong –  now I want to pass that knowledge on to you. You don’t have to spend your whole life in the gym and counting every calorie; let me show you how to get great results from realistic expectations.”


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